My life with you is a memorising wonder, capulsated in a perfect vacuum of time and space. I endeavour to spend my whole life with you and always want to see your face, Every second and every minute of every hour that our lives are shared, I will always be certain that both of our hearts have now been spared. I will protect yours and you will protect mine and I promise to always love you forever until the end of time.

My life with you is perfection , our love for each other is a diamond fortress of blissful peace , that nothing or no one can tear down .
You lift me up when I am down and surround me with such profound love that the hardest days the world can throw at me seem trivial when you put your arms around me . My saviour I found in you , re awakening a jaded heart , I love you fiercely and would give everything , for just one soft touch of your lips.
Even when time ends my love for you will persist and linger , because a love like this is so strong.
I vow to take care of your heart always as you take care of mine . I love you .

Picture Shadows Hunstanton.

The first passage was written by Gemma Hutchinson , and the second passage was written by me .


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