The Murd

Have you heard about the Murd , teeth of shark and wings of bird , all those that seek this daunting creature , they often return with terrified features.

With claws of Eagle and ears of beagle , it preys on all poor or regal , neck serpentine and long down it’s maw brave and foolhardy men have gone .

If you should approach it’s putrid lair it’ll fix you with hypnotic stare , it drains your soul of all that’s good and tears of regret from your eyes will flood .

Have you heard that horrific Murd , a screeching call that’ll freeze your blood it’s a creeping sensation down your spine , your knees turn to jelly and your teeth will grind .

Now if you should experience a fearful sensation , while wandering through its desolation , if safety you can find increase your pace make haste for the Murd it will give chase .

If you think this a childish fable , you do not understand that this creatures able to dwell in realms of fantasy then cross to cold reality , so listen up and heed my words about the beast that’s called the Murd .


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