Goodbye old friend, my furry pal it’s time to sleep ,yes rest old gal .

Goodbye old friend its time to sleep , but forever in my heart I’ll keep , many cherished memories of the fun we had down by the creek .

In summer sun we’d stroll along , your snuffling nose the grass among , those soulful eyes of such understanding , unconditional love , pure , undemanding.

Now you’ve reached your final day , so I’ve put my pen upon this page , to celebrate your gentle soul , though in my heart it’ll leave a dog shaped hole.

You’ll always be my fun loving pup , wagging your tale all covered in muck.

I’ll miss you waiting by the door , my faithful chocolate springador.

So rest alas to time you yield, but I’ll still see you running in the fields, in my mind, in my dreams you’ll still be splashing in the stream .

Yes I’ll weep and the pain will sting, but rest now , yes sleep my faithful old thing .

Dedicated to suki my Chocolate springador , who passed away today 24/2/22 after along and happy life and a short illness , I’ll miss you sukz rest in peace .


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