Nothing left to lose

Nothing left to lose

Nowhere left to run

No clue what to do about the state of me and you .

We used to talk for hours , now silence fills that time

We used to laugh until we cryed , now those happy times have long expired

Not sure what to say , every word I speak is wrong

I guess I have to face , what we had is gone .

Now I’m in your way , where before we would stop and hug .

How did this love end up as the living hell it has become.

So nothing left to lose

Nowhere left to run

By the time you read these lines ,I’ll have packed my bags and moved along .

Included in this envelope my set of keys and broken hopes , the fragments of my shattered heart which you promised not to break way back at the start .

So now your free , well done you’ve won ,every thing I gave you took but got I little back in return .


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