The beast awoke from what seemed like an endless nightmarish slumber to find the world had grown light and beautiful again, gone was the greyscale desolate landscape, replaced now by trees bountiful with fruit, creatures flitted through the branches, hooting and hollering as they gorged themselves to their heart’s content.

The beast shook himself, the musty, dusty matted coat of so many long dark years began to shed, sunlight caressed his naked form for the first time in decades .

The numbness in his heart melted away as the beast, now a man remembered what warmth felt like, his long seclusion fading like morning mist from his mind.

The man breathed, breathed deeply the fragrant air now fully waking senses he had forgotten existed, he felt love in his heart once more, love for the simple joyful creatures that scampered and played in the meadow, love for the new world he had woken up in.

He knew the world had renewed, regrown and what he also knew, no not knew but sensed beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was another previously broken soul, a female soul out there, just waiting for him to go out into the world and find her .

He took a tentative step out of his musty lair, then another, then another, savouring the softness of the grass beneath his feet and the fragrance of the meadow flowers that assailed his nose.

One step led to another, led to a mile, led to ten, all the while drawing closer to the presence that he felt. Somewhere out there she was waiting for him, hoping that their souls would be truly alike, for he wanted to love and feel loved in return, hope burned his heart but he knew his journey had only just begun.



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