She is an angel, stoically healing the wounds of the world .

She is an angel, silently bearing pain untold .

Reshaping your woes into joy, no thought for herself with care she she deploys her gentle persuasion , that all will be good, when your tears flow like rivers her love dams the flood .

She looks at you with starlight eyes , with her soft, soothing whispers , peace you will find .

She is an angel , I bask in her light , her strength it sustains me to fight the good fight , to keep me swimming to keep me afloat , to rise above this world of hate filled folk .

She is my angel . I love her so dearly ; I’ll always forever need her love to steer me .

When you meet an angel in disguise , open your heart and open your mind , she’ll make you into the best you can be , so love her back openly , honestly for all to see .

She is an angel, love, and care her watch words .

She is my angel, whom I truly adore .


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